Drupal and Wordpress Tuned Hosting Services

Since Drupal and WordPress modularity and extendability requires a lot of configuration at the server side, top quality support is critical. This is why Drupion puts great emphasis on offering the best Drupal and WordPress-centric and Drupal and WordPress-specific hosting support, compared to any other hosting provider. This is particularly important for newbies struggling through a comparatively difficult Drupal and WordPress learning curve. We want to welcome such new users to the community and hold their hand on the exciting path of learning and using Drupal and WordPress.

Because Drupion’s approach to providing hosting services is completely different from that of all other hosting companies, Drupion is able to deliver unprecedented competitive advantage to organizations, businesses, Drupal and WordPress shops and Drupal and WordPress developers in the form of higher hardware utilization and margins, and in website performance and scalability.

We Provide Drupal and WordPress Tuned Hosting Services

Drupal and WordPress are an open-source Content Management System (CMS) and Framework (CMF) that is used in a variety application areas worldwide. They are suitable for both small websites and complex web applications. They are known for their high scalability and modular structure.

Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal and WordPress supports a variety of website applications ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven, corporate websites.

Drupal and WordPress communities of active users and devoted developers have created thousands of add-on modules and plugins that enable you to incorporate forums, picture galleries, and podcasting functionality on your website, just to name a few.

In short Drupal and WordPress are great tool to build websites with. However running Drupal and WordPress installations can be time consuming, stressful and potentially insecure if your server is not optimized specifically for Drupal and WordPress.

We serve Drupal and WordPress communities by providing Drupal and WordPress-tuned managed hosting services. We configure our servers by careful compiling our company-brewed LAMP stack for maximum performance. We constantly monitor our servers performance bottlenecks: CPU, memory, bandwidth, input/output and make necessary configuration changes or resource upgrades.

Drupion takes over the routine server administration tasks, from installation to backup to upgrades. In essence, it reduces stress and leaves you more time on development or other, more fun activities.