Why Choose Drupion?

Content Management Systems like Drupal and WordPress can run on virtually any hosting environment from the very inexpensive shared hosting plans all the way to dedicated servers, and everything in between. However, some of Drupal and WordPress features require specific Apache, PHP, MySQL, SSH, GIT, Drush, Apache Solr, Varnish, APC, Memcache configurations that may or may not be available on any given hosting environment. Drupion supports all the features that Drupal and WordPress require.

As Drupal or WordPress website owners and developers we all hope that our website will become the next Internet hit, but in reality most websites build traffic and clientele gradually. Drupion's various hosting plans allow for the options to grow such capacity progressively with the client’s needs.

We help our clients' growth without binding yearly contracts and no limits to the number of websites that can be hosted under one of our plans. So at the end of the billing period our clients are never “surprised” by unexpected fees for extra websites and services that were not included into the plan they selected.

We provide 24/7 technical support and will try to do everything to meet our clients' most urgent or unexpected needs. At prices that are much lower than those of our competitors, we believe Drupion is the best choice for anyone – individuals, a small or large organization – to host Drupal and WordPress websites of any size and variety.

Why Choose Us?

There are thousands of hosting companies in the United States and around the world, and as the demand for websites grows so does the number of hosting companies. They all have different business philosophies, pricing models and ranges of customer-tailored packages.

It is difficult to provide “pros and cons” or “advantages and disadvantages” comparisons for the vast array of hosting companies because their business goals and approaches vary, just as their target customers do. Any such analysis will be highly contextual and unnecessarily take us into the area of opinions and judgments.

Instead, we have compiled factual information for you, as a potential customer, to make an intelligent decision as to which hosting company will best serve your needs. The graph below presents facts and quotes pulled from the websites of three leading Drupal or WordPress specific hosting companies. These are unavoidably general categories that provide a glimpse into the companies’ nature, business and pricing approaches. For more information and your own research, please refer to the companies’ websites and Drupal and WordPress forums.

Comparison Chart

Acquia Pantheon Drupion

Platform support

Drupal only

Drupal and WordPress

Drupal, WordPress and anything

Target market

Large-scale companies and developers

Large-scale companies, developers, and consumers

Developers, consumers and any-scale organizations

Free services and/or hosting provided for




Involvement in managing client sites

Mostly self-managed, tiered add-on fees for fully-managed

Mostly fully-managed, included into package price

Free self-managed, fully-managed included into package price





Minimal cost of hosting one Drupal site/mo




Minimal cost of hosting 10 Drupal sites/mo




Optional SSL support with dedicated IP, per certificate/year




Minimal monthly cost of a comparable business plan*




*These prices are for the most widely used hosting package, referred to as professional/business/standard. It is designed for small and mid-size companies and organizations that can expect moderate to high traffic on their websites.

Professional/Business/Standard Package Features

Acquia Pantheon Drupion

Disk space, GB





5 cores


4 cores






Not included

$30/mo additional

$39.99 per year

Number of sites hosted

Up to 10, additional fees per site

No limit, fee per site


Ticket support

Limited Included but prioritized

$29.99 per ticket or
unlimited $99.99/mo

24/7 on call



By client request

Monthly fee

$425 + $250 for mandatory Acquia Network package



One-time setup fee


Not specified