September 2012

EliteImpact Labs

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Sean Nalewanyj
EliteImpact Labs29 September 2012

I had tried to run my Drupal website on several other servers but was always disappointed with the performance. I switched over to Drupion and my website now runs faster than ever. Their support is always extremely prompt and helpful as well.

At EliteImpact Labs™, we provide the advanced, scientifically formulated supplements you need to optimize your muscle gains, fat loss, gym performance and overall health. You won't find any of the typical poorly researched, under-dosed, over-priced products that have become the norm in this industry anywhere in our store.

10 Steps to Creating A CTools Modal Window with Drupal 7

Modal windows are excellent design features because it allows you to easily display more information on a page without causing the inconvenience to the audience by making them load an entirely different page. I use modals where I want to display more information that isn't voluminous enough to merit a separate full page load.

Got Varnish? Get it with Drupion!

Successfully publishing on the Web is all about audience experience, whether you are a major media site distributing millions of articles and videos or a local pizza restaurant publishing a menu and phone number. Experience is primarily about your site’s speed. In 2009, Akamai conducted a study and found that:

Findings indicate 47 percent of consumers expect an ecommerce page to load in two seconds or less; site performance is a key factor in a consumer’s loyalty to an eCommerce site. (Source)

Lifeguard Press

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Sande Rawlings
Lifeguard Press10 September 2012

We are very happy with the speed and reliability of our DrupionOS server, and the response time and resolution of tickets is excellent!

Lifeguard Press specializes in licensing and private labeling in the fine stationery and gift industry.