March 2013

Tape Interactive

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Alpay Beler
Tape Interactive22 March 2013

For quite sometime we ware seeking a reliable and affordable drupal hosting solution for our clients. We have now been with Drupion for over a year and we are extremely pleased with the expert support and assistance we get with trickier aspects of drupal hosting involving advanced caching configurations as well as other 'delicate' aspects of drupal.

The staff at Drupion are not only capable of answering setup and configuration related matters but also on various idiosyncrasies of contributed modules.

Furthermore, the response to tickets are almost always swift and with full explanations of the issues and the solution chosen to remedy them. This is very welcome especially if ultimately you prefer to be knowledgable on how to improve your own skills and avoid similar issues coming up in the future.

I cannot recommend Drupion enough for anyone who is looking for a fully fledged expert drupal hosting solution.

Tape is a creative digital agency creating user-oriented online experiences. Founded in 2005, we provide graphic design, web design, interaction design and information architecture development online, as well as branding and print production.