April 2013

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Chapman Woodriff
Free Language10 April 2013

I have been a Drupaler since 2003. I started off developing Drupal websites for clients and ultimately, over the years, made the change to launching and webmastering Drupal-powered business projects. As an early Drupal adopter, I have seen many changes in the Drupal community and experienced more than my fair share of hosting environments, servers, server administrators and customer support representatives. I cannot say how happy I am to have found Drupion, at last!

Drupal is a unique software, and needs a unique environment to flourish and a dedicated, knowledgeable team on the server side to make this happen. Drupion is all this and more, and until I found them, I experienced much frustration over the years with one-size-fits-all hosting environments that were less than fitting for Drupal's idiosyncrasies.

I am not a server administrator, and have no desire to be - I simply want Drupal to run fast and have a team of knowledgeable people to back me up when issues come up, as they inevitably do when a site is developing and changing and expanding. I have had many types of servers - everything from Shared to VPS to Cloud to Dedicated - with a variety of hosting companies. Many of these servers had more resources at their disposal than Drupal could possibly need, yet performed nowhere close to Drupion servers with less resources! Since I am not a server administrator, I simply could not get things to work as smoothly as they should, despite much back and forth with support, until I found Drupion.

The Drupion team has obviously put a lot of effort into creating an environment that makes all the most tricky aspects of running a solid Drupal site no longer tricky. Puzzle pieces like Varnish, memcache(d), Apache Solr, Drush, etc, all are readily available and tuned to perform. I am so elated to have not only a strong server with an ideal environment for my Drupal projects, but also a knowledgeable, dedicated team who really knows what it takes to run Drupal at peak performance, and who are readily available and professional with customer support.

I have already recommended Drupion to fellow Drupalers - some of which have already joined the fun - and will continue to do so! Finally, I feel at home with Drupal :)

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