June 2013

The Soap Lady

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Michelle Zahn
The Soap Lady30 June 2013

Drupion offers great hosting tailored for Drupal sites. We've found our site performance to be quite improved since we moved to Drupion hosting. Their support people have been a great help getting our site tuned to work well.

The Soap Lady produces and sells hand-made soaps and accessories to customers around the world. Her variety of soaps address a number of skin types and conditions and provide a healthier option than detergent-based soaps.



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Robin James Yu
Petshop.ph12 June 2013

Out experience with Drupion has been pretty smooth so far. Because our infrastructure depends heavily on Drupal, we decided to look for a hosting provider that was built and optimized for Drupal. Aside from some a few bumpy experiences when setting up the system on Drupion, we were able to quickly get our site up and running with minimal hassle.

The Drupion staff is knowledgable and helpful in providing support to make sure your site is running properly and reply to any inquiries I have. They've consistently handled tickets that we've opened and provided support to server problems. I would definitely recommend Drupion to other developers who are looking for Drupal-centric, high-performance and scaleable hosting who may or may not be experienced with system administration.

Petshop.ph is the Philippines newest and fastest-growing online pet community dedicated to buying & selling of pets, pet products and pet services.

Resonetrics, LLC

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Sam Moore
Resonetrics, LLC8 June 2013

My experience with Drupion has been overwhelmingly positive. While it took me a while to get used to having certain things already set up for me, Drupion's approach is very well thought out. I intend ultimately to host all of my production servers here, as they've been rock-solid. Support is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable.

I've hosted with the big guys (Rackspace, Amazon, Pantheon, Acquia) and on my own on a bare-bones generic VPS; Drupion is, for me, the perfect blend of freedom and support. I feel like I can now concentrate on building client solutions instead of worrying about the server. Highly recommended!

Resonetrics builds highly capable web applications for business and non-profits. We specialize in Drupal, and offer solutions in workflow, creative management, e-commerce and community building.


Is your Drupal site really slow? Switch to Drupion!

Drupal is known to have a very powerful hook system, that makes a developer's life easier by simply following a specific naming convention and implementing a specific hook to get the code auto-discovered and called in the appropriate spot. However, this power of Drupal comes at a cost — every single enabled module has to be loaded on every single request to see if it implements a necessary hook, which means Drupal is very DB intensive.