Introducing the New Drupion Dashboard

Following recent news of the launch of our new website, we would like to proudly share news of several more great strides Drupion has made.

At the end of 2015, we had announced our plans to move to the new billing and ticketing system. We have been working hard to make that a reality. After researching existing solutions on the market, and finding none that offered the flexibility and customization we wanted, Drupion has decided to develop an in-house solution. Even though, this decision somewhat delayed the launch of the new back end system, it allowed us to create something that was specifically designed for the needs of our customers.

After months of development, testing, and polishing, we are launching it on August 1, 2016. We continue polishing and improving our custom-designed proprietary platform but even in its current state it offers an upgrades user-friendly design and functionality. We of course welcome your feedback on how the new back end is working for you.

The main advantages of the new Drupion Dashboard is that it offer solutions to the some pain-points of the old system. It's very common for some Drupal shops, hosting companies or developers to be hosting several of their client projects with Drupion. Those Drupion customers previously needed to associate each project with different profile accounts. The new Drupion Dashboard allows our customers to use one account to access all of their projects and to easily place or review tickets for each project without logging in or out. The new system enables account owners to easily invite team members to work on their Drupal or WordPress websites through the dashboard.

Another major advantage comes in the way billing cycles will be set up. Billing cycles will shift from asynchronous to synchronous billing. The way asynchronous billing worked in the old system was as follows. If the customer signed up on June 17, then the next billing cycle would begin on the 17th of the following month and so on. With the shift to the synchronous billing, a customer who signs up on June 17th will pay a prorated amount until the end of June. Then on July 1st the new billing cycle begins which covers the period between the first and the last day of the month. That billing cycle will become customers permanent billing cycle unless the customer changes to quarterly, bi-annual or annual billing. This transition to synchronous billing will simplify accounting, financial planning and reporting for our customers.

All customers whose previous billing cycle was not on the first of the month, will see a prorated amount charged to their credit card in order to prepare their account for the shift to the synchronous billing. This prorated charge will cover the period until the end of the month (for monthly billing), end of the month in which the current quarter ends (for quarterly billing), end of the month in which bi-annual billing ends (for bi-annual billing), or end of the month in which annual billing period ends (for annual billing).

Even though our pricing is already much more competitive than that of our competitors, we will be offering discounts to clients choosing to pay quarterly, biannually or annually. The discounts clients will enjoy are 5%, 10%, and 15% respectively starting with their next billing cycle. This discount policy will be available to new clients as well as existing clients.

We have also changed our pricing for support tickets. Starting on August 1, 2016 all customers will be able to submit three free tickets per month. After that the regular $29.99 per ticket/per issue pricing kicks in. If you have historically been submitting many tickets or anticipate you will be submitting many tickets (over 6 tickets per month), it will be more economical to sign up for UTS (Unlimited Ticket Support) which is $99 per month.

We hope you are as excited as we are about all these improvements. We value the business of each and every one of our customers. We work hard to bring you affordable hosting solutions.


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