Automatic Drupal core updates on per website basis on Drupion

Just four days ago Drupion switched the Automatic Drupal Core Update feature from only security updates to taking care of all core updates, including regular maintenance releases. It was then announced that all Drupal websites on Drupion platform are covered by such Automatic Drupal Core Updates.

The same day later we updated the announcement with the following addition:

The core update process takes backup of the file system and database for each website before executing, so if anything goes awry, then Drupal sites can be easily reverted to their previous state. The Drupal core update process also protects the .htaccess and robots.txt files during the process and restores them thereafter. Custom profiles won't be touched by core updates, so they are fine to modify and work with.

We also requested to let us know which websites to exclude by creating tickets on our customer support portal, promising we would soon push a new option for opting websites in and out of updates. Well, that day has already arrived and we are happy to launch the new feature on your Drupion server's control panel! Please login to your control panel, select a domain, go to Edit Domain > Drupal features and set the Autoupdate? option to Yes or No and you are done!

Several points to take note about the new feature:

1) All the existing Drupal websites at the moment of publication of this announcement are included in the autoupdates, so if you have some Drupal websites with patched cores please exclude them;

2) All the new websites will have this option turned on by default, so make sure to opt No if you don't need Drupal core updates for any of your new websites to execute automatically;

3) This new option will have no effect for any non-Drupal websites, however soon will start covering Automatic Background Updates for WordPress websites;

4) The disabled websites always are left out of Automatic Drupal Core Updates;

5) The owner of each updated website is automatically notified with the detailed log of the steps taken during the update process.

If you are a Drupion customer, then you can login to your profile and ask your questions/give feedback on this new feature on


Andrea Bain's picture

I have several modules which say
'This update is a major version update which means that it may not be backwards compatible with your currently running version. It is recommended that you read the release notes and proceed at your own risk.'
Can you take this into account with specific modules and roll the updates back if you detect a problem?

Patrick Branwell's picture

Dear Andrea,

Yes, we do take snapshots of the websites' home directories and databases, so any upgrade can be rolled back.

However, please note that Drupion's automatic Drupal Core Updates concern, as the name of the feature suggest, only the Drupal core and core modules, it does not touch the contributed modules.

And Drupal core releases, which include core modules, are very well tested by Drupal community, Drupal Security Team, core Drupal developers before going public.

As for the contributed modules we recommend the developers of your website to manually update each of them with extra care as automatic updates could easily break your website.

I hope this answers your question.

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