Free Drupal and WordPress hosting

In recognition of their noble purposes and altruistic efforts, Drupion is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations fulfill their mission by providing leading technology of Drupal and WordPress content management systems that enable them to build a vibrant community of supporters and achieve organizational success.

Drupion proudly offers free web-hosting services to non-profit, charitable organizations around the world. If you represent a non-profit charitable organization and are looking for free web-hosting, please submit your request through our contact form.

Please note that we should be able to verify the non-profit status of your organization on the website of United States Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. If you represent a non-US entity then we should be able to verify the non-profit status of your organization through similar official online resource of your country. In case if your government does not provide similar online service then you will be requested to send us the copies of official registration papers of your organization.

If your organization meets our requirements for a free hosting account, you will receive a pre-configured Drupal or WordPress website that can easily be maintained without costly programs or special programming skills. Another requirement for free hosting accounts is maintaining functional and actually running Drupal or WordPress website. We do not provide free hosting accounts for testing or development purposes.

Please note that all the free and discounted hosting accounts will be requested to place an active hyperlink to Drupion's website with a small logo in the footer of their websites.

Due to limited nature of server resources, we provide free Drupal and WordPress hosting accounts on only Shared Single plan. In case your organization needs more resources than provided through the shared plan, please file a support ticket and we will consider adjusting the limitations of your account without additional charges, provided the difference for additionally needed resources do not exceed the double size of what was offered initially with the plan.

If you need to subscribe to one of our Drupal Optimized VPS packages, please contact us indicating the specific package you are interested in and we will give you a generous discount coupon.