Add-on Services

Our managed web-hosting solutions are for all types of Drupal and WordPress sites. Drupion offers the opportunity for individual users, small, medium and large enterprises to choose between the Shared, Cloud and Dedicated hosting solutions.

The table below contains various add-on services that are offered during the initial sign-up process. However, if you didn't include them during the initial sign-up and later decide you need them, you can still order them separately below.

SSL Certificate

We provide free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for each website. However, if you need a commercial SSL certificate then we register and install class 1 certificate for your Drupal or WordPress website and take care of its annual renewals for you.

$39⁹⁹ per year Order


You can entrust tedious migration process to us and we will take full care of migration and setting up your Drupal or WordPress website on your Drupion server.

$29⁹⁹ per website Order

Offsite Backup

All Drupion plans already include the weekly full and nightly incremental backups on the same system where the websites run. It is fast, save and secure way of keeping the data. Moreover all our systems come with at least two drives of enterprise level which are configured in RAID, which means that if any of them get degraded then the second drive continues to serve your websites and store their file systems until the faulty drive is replaced.

However, some corporations have requirement for remote backups as a policy rule, so this add-on service is for them and also for individual users who want to have additional peace of mind that their data is safe at two different places - locally on their Drupion server and remotely on Amazon S3 backup instance.

$29⁹⁹ per server per month Order

Additional IP address

By default your virtual private or dedicated server will get one IP address, which you can use to create custom nameservers. However, some registrars require to have two nameservers, at the same time they do not allow to use a single IP to create them. So in this kind of cases you need to order an additional dedicated IP address.

$2⁹⁹ per month Order

Domain Name Registration

We are not in the domain name selling business, however we provide domain name registration, transfer and renewal services just to make it possible for you to keep everything - your server, domain names, DNS management - at a single place.

Please note that the price for domain names in custom and country top level domains depends on the cost of their respective administrator.

$14⁹⁹ per year for .com, .org, .net Order

Unlimited Ticket Support

Our unlimited ticket support add-on solution provides you with 24/7 unlimited access to our expert Drupal, WordPress and Linux server administration team. Without UTS you pay $29⁹⁹ per ticket/per issue after you have used your free 3 support tickets of monthly allowance.

$99⁹⁹ per month Order

Migration to Drupal or WordPress

Migrating to Drupal or WordPress from other platforms and content-management systems such as Vignette, Jive, FatWire, ColdFusion, Joomla, etc. requires good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Drupal, WordPress, migration methods and tools. In other words migration to Drupal or WordPress is not a trivial process and requires scrupulous study of your current platform to determine the best strategy for each individual case.

varies Order

Drupal or WordPress Emergency Rescue

If your Drupal or WordPress website has suddenly become too slow, unresponsive, or is not loading at all, or if it has been broken by some incautious actions of your team-members, abandoned in half-done state by your developers or unexpectedly compromised by other malicious parties and you are seeking rescue, then you are at the right place!

Over the years of working with Drupal and WordPress our team has accumulated enormous experience in quickly auditing any custom Drupal or WordPress architecture and finding out performance bottlenecks and security breach points. Our experts will easily detect any kind of troubles your Drupal or WordPress website may have been experiencing and present the detailed recommendation analyses. Then with your consent and permission our team will immediately start performing all the steps necessary not only to normalize the work of your Drupal or WordPress website, but also to enhance its code and performance. There is simply no Drupal or WordPress-related problem out there that Drupion staff could not resolve!

So be bold and knock at our door to request emergency support with any kind of Drupal or WordPress-related issues and, be absolutely assured, we will help you to find the soonest remedy to your situation!

varies Order