Drupal 8 to be released November 19, 2015

Thanks to the nearly 3,300 people who contributed to the codebase of Drupal 8 as well as hundreds of others who organized events, conducted usability tests, mentored contributors, found sponsors, etc. Gábor Hojtsy of Drupal Association has finally posted today on https://www.drupal.org/node/2605142 the long-awaited announcement: Drupal 8.0.0 will be released on November 19, 2015!

Until then Drupal 8 release candidates with the latest fixes will continue to be published. You can see the first release candidate announcement for more details on the release candidate phase, or download the latest release candidate (RC2) for a preview of the release.

Drupal Association also is working on both the release announcement and the press release in English, at the same time they need volunteers to help translate it to their language. So if you can help promote the release on Twitter on November 19th and 20th in your respective time zones, the please contact Paul Johnson. When tweeting about Drupal 8, be sure to use the hashtag #drupal8.

Parties around the globe!

DA also is asking to organize a local meetup on the week (or even better the exact date) with sweets, sessions, shirts, stickers or whatever fits to spice it up. Make sure to let the community know, so it shows up on the world map on Drupical.com.

Drupion platform will fully support Drupal 8

We have been actively working on preparing our platform for supporting Drupal 8. In fact we have already started deploying new DrupionOS systems which can auto-install Drupal 8 with just one click. So all our new customers will have DrupionOS with full Drupal 8 support. As for our existing customer-base we will be announcing changes very soon - on one of the coming days.

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