Real Drupion Reviews by Our Customers

Our customers create and deploy Drupal and WordPress websites that effortlessly scale on Drupion platform for tens of thousands of end users. Hear directly from just some of our customers - international and governmental organizations, social gaming, digital agency and eCommerce companies - about their positive experience with Drupion.

Steven Hodges's picture
Steven Hodges
stevenchodges.com22 January 2018

Honestly I've tried a lot of Drupal hosting sites. Yours (Shared Entry) was the best I have seen, and honestly I have no problem sticking with you as a host. However, I switched to another host because I like the idea of having a full VPS to play with and it was also a tad bit cheaper. Thanks for the refund, I actually didn't realize you had a refund policy!

Steven Hodges
Kyle McCarthy's picture
Kyle McCarthy
Family Travel Forum18 August 2017

Our Drupal developer introduced us to Drupion several years ago, because we were having support issues on a shared server at another company. Things have been smooth sailing ever since. At Drupion, our development team has received great service and prompt assistance with technical issues. As the company owner, I have gotten prompt attention to billing inquiries, and requests for new services, such as adding SSL certificates to our many websites moving to an https:// format. Additionally, the Drupion support team was quick to facilitate the move of 32 domain addresses and management from another webhost. Drupion team has been very important partners in our company's growth, plus they're nice to work with.

Family Travel Forum has provided trusted vacation planning resources for traveling the world with kids since 1996. Over the years, our staff and contributors who Have Kids, Still Travel! -- as well as their children, our interns, professional writers and our community -- have created a rich and up to date library on the latest destinations, travel products and trends.
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Don Houk
Houk Consulting16 August 2017

Drupion has been a phenomenal host for our Drupal sites. We’ve not experience any issues with the service in the time we have hosted with them, which is a pleasant surprise coming from a string of less than reliable hosts. If you have a Drupal site, you should host it here.

Houk Consulting provides proactive IT services that drive business success for small business around Pittsburgh, PA.
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Aya Yoshida
The Official Vijay Prashad Website15 August 2017

Drupion is a real advanced Drupal web hosting with full of SSH, Drush and Github. Also very friendly and helpful. If you have a Drupal site, Drupion is where to go. I mean, not only technically advanced, there's a spirit of open source and the good old original internet community.

Vijay Prashad is a journalist, historian of the Global South, Marxist intellectual, the George and Martha Kellner Chair in South Asian History and Professor of International Studies at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.
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Tracy Bunting-Early
Outcomes Positive5 August 2017

We have been using Drupion for several years to host our Drupal site. The service is amazing and no worry about keeping the latest updates in place. I highly recommend Drupion!

A 501c3 non-profit think-tank dedicated to improving the diagnosis of urinary tract and kidney infections in young children.
Daniel Shearer's picture
Daniel Shearer
Highfields Center for Composting2 January 2017

Drupion has supported our non-profit by providing free hosting for several years. We recently had an account mixup and it was addressed within minutes (on a federal holiday!). Thanks!

Our mission at Highfields is to close the loop on community-based, sustainable food and agricultural systems, thus addressing soil health, water quality, solid waste, farm viability, and climate change.
Gerald Giannone's picture
Gerald Giannone
SHOOTonline21 June 2016

Quality not quantity is most important to SHOOT users, advertisers, and staff. And that's what Drupion delivers and at a fair price. That's why we've been with Drupion for years. From our server transition years ago from Pantheon to last night with an Comodo SSL cert issue. We love the quality support Alex, Patrick, and Andrey (the Drupion support team) consistently deliver. They have our backs!!!

We're publishers without any IT background. So we had to go through a steep learning curve that included trying Acquia, AberdeenCloud, and Pantheon. We've learned a lot and been saved a lot with Drupion. Since discovering Drupion we've never considered another hosting company. If you're like us save yourself a lot of hassles and frustrations you'll end up having if you go for the “easy one-size-fits-all” solutions advertised around the world.

SHOOT is the leading news and information source in the high-end professional Film, TV, Commercial production industry for over a half century. Our site, on a dedicated server, has 50,000 unique visitors a month, over 65,000 nodes, streams video, has 3 sub-sites, complete SSL, and Drupal commerce through and BOA merchant services. We have 2 active WordPress blogs as well.
Raul Caceres's picture
Raul Caceres
ChildFund Connect6 April 2016

We found Drupion while looking for a specialised Drupal hosting provider to be able to get some support with some advanced server configurations that we were not able to get with our previous hosting provider.

Drupion staff was really helpful during the move from our past provider and have looked after advanced caching and other important aspects that have improved the performance of our online community.

ChildFund Connect is a global education program that connects children in communities in Australia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and Vietnam, with the aim of exchanging cultures and learning about each other's lives.
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Fatih Gunaydin
Tekno Dergi18 October 2015

Drupal 7 için yaptığımız testler sonrası, özellikle performans için Drupion'u seçme kararı aldık. Buraya gelmeden önce, pek çok firma ile çalıştım ancak özellikle Drupal 7 için performanslı bir paylaşımlı hosting bulmak çok zor. Drupion paylaşımlı hostinglerinde bile APC gibi önbellekleme mekanizmalarını sunuyor. Bu da başka pek çok firmada başınızı ağrıtacak Drupal'ın işlemci kullanımını minimize ediyor.

Tekno Dergi gibi zaman zaman anlık yoğun ziyaretçi trafiği yaşayan sitelerde Drupal için optimize edilmiş sunucuları kullanmak şart. Şimdiye kadar açtığım çağrılara da verdikleri yanıt hızı oldukça başarılı.

Teşekkürler Drupion!

Tekno Dergi, 2007 yılından beri yayın yapan, özgün içerik üreten bir teknoloji sitesi. Bu süreçte birikmiş çok sayıda içeriği barındırıyor. Ayrıca Drupal konusunda da uzman bir ekibe sahip.
Irek Galliamov's picture
Irek Galliamov
The West East15 October 2015

We have been with Drupion since the very launch of an online version of our newspaper back in 2004, and are extremely satisfied with the quality of hosting services. This company has helped us get us online, educated our personnel how to manage our Drupal website, been promptly responsive to whatever problem or issue we have experienced during all these years. Thanks to Drupion's expertise we have seen significant increase of incoming traffic to our website.