Expanded support for WordPress and launch of the overhauled mobile-friendly web-site

Today, on June 18, we have launched our new mobile-friendly website and are proudly expanding our support for WordPress-based websites.

For many years number of Drupion clients with their main websites built on Drupal have been hosting their WordPress websites alongside, for example, to run their company blogs. So Drupion has de-facto been supporting WordPress without formally including it as part of its services for a long while.

Part of the rational to initially specialize on Drupal only was to focus on what we do really well. However, we simply can’t ignore it. Drupal and WordPress often go hand-in-hand. To provide a reliable end-to-end experience to our clients, we had to become serious about including WordPress support.

Drupion is proud to announce the expansion of its platform to provide a much more robust support of WordPress. Whether WordPress is used just for one part of the web-site or the entire web-site, current and future clients can have peace of mind that Drupion is fully equipped and committed to provide outstanding and reliable hosting solutions.

Drupion’s current clients continue to be the driving force behind the company’s growth. The company’s referral programs, reliable and affordable web hosting services whether shared, cloud or dedicated, around the clock tech support, free hosting solutions for non-profits are all part of our success.

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