Permissions by Term - Moderately critical - Access bypass - SA-CONTRIB-2017-082

Project: Permissions by Term
Version: 8.x-1.x-dev
Date: 2017-November-08
Security risk: *Moderately critical* 14∕25
Vulnerability: Access bypass



The Permissions by Term module extends Drupal by adding functionality for
restricting access to single nodes via taxonomy terms.

The module grants access to nodes that are being blocked by other node access
modules and that the Permissions by Term module does not intend to control.
Additionally, it grants access to unpublished nodes in node listings to users
who should not be able to see them. These problems lead to an access bypass

This vulnerability is mitigated by the fact that it only occurs on sites that
either have another node access module (besides Permissions by Term) in use,
or that have node listings that are accessible to unprivileged users and that
don't directly filter out unpublished content.



Install the latest version:

* If you use the Permissions by Term module for Drupal 8, upgrade to
Permissions by Term 8.x-1.35

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