Real Drupion Reviews by Our Customers

Our customers create and deploy Drupal and WordPress websites that effortlessly scale on Drupion platform for tens of thousands of end users. Hear directly from just some of our customers - international and governmental organizations, social gaming, digital agency and eCommerce companies - about their positive experience with Drupion.

Sam Moore's picture
Sam Moore
Resonetrics, LLC8 June 2013

My experience with Drupion has been overwhelmingly positive. While it took me a while to get used to having certain things already set up for me, Drupion's approach is very well thought out. I intend ultimately to host all of my production servers here, as they've been rock-solid. Support is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable.

I've hosted with the big guys (Rackspace, Amazon, Pantheon, Acquia) and on my own on a bare-bones generic VPS; Drupion is, for me, the perfect blend of freedom and support. I feel like I can now concentrate on building client solutions instead of worrying about the server. Highly recommended!

Resonetrics builds highly capable web applications for business and non-profits. We specialize in Drupal, and offer solutions in workflow, creative management, e-commerce and community building.
Jacob Sawyer's picture
Jacob Sawyer
Arkadian Collection15 May 2013

We have been using Drupal for 5+ years now to power Arkadian Collection's online presence. We love Drupal and have always been very happy with this Free and Open software.

However, over the years we have experienced numerous server issues due to inadequacies with "one-size-fits-all" hosts not meeting the specific needs of Drupal. This led us to change servers a total of four times in five years.

We are very happy to have finally found Drupion! During the server transition, we received outstanding service from a dedicated team with very specific knowledge of Drupal.

The Drupion team has helped us meet our unique needs and we feel confident that our company growth and customer base will increase faster now as a result of a better server environment and a much faster website.

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Chapman Woodriff's picture
Chapman Woodriff
Free Language10 April 2013

I have been a Drupaler since 2003. I started off developing Drupal websites for clients and ultimately, over the years, made the change to launching and webmastering Drupal-powered business projects. As an early Drupal adopter, I have seen many changes in the Drupal community and experienced more than my fair share of hosting environments, servers, server administrators and customer support representatives. I cannot say how happy I am to have found Drupion, at last!

Drupal is a unique software, and needs a unique environment to flourish and a dedicated, knowledgeable team on the server side to make this happen. Drupion is all this and more, and until I found them, I experienced much frustration over the years with one-size-fits-all hosting environments that were less than fitting for Drupal's idiosyncrasies.

I am not a server administrator, and have no desire to be - I simply want Drupal to run fast and have a team of knowledgeable people to back me up when issues come up, as they inevitably do when a site is developing and changing and expanding. I have had many types of servers - everything from Shared to VPS to Cloud to Dedicated - with a variety of hosting companies. Many of these servers had more resources at their disposal than Drupal could possibly need, yet performed nowhere close to Drupion servers with less resources! Since I am not a server administrator, I simply could not get things to work as smoothly as they should, despite much back and forth with support, until I found Drupion.

The Drupion team has obviously put a lot of effort into creating an environment that makes all the most tricky aspects of running a solid Drupal site no longer tricky. Puzzle pieces like Varnish, memcache(d), Apache Solr, Drush, etc, all are readily available and tuned to perform. I am so elated to have not only a strong server with an ideal environment for my Drupal projects, but also a knowledgeable, dedicated team who really knows what it takes to run Drupal at peak performance, and who are readily available and professional with customer support.

I have already recommended Drupion to fellow Drupalers - some of which have already joined the fun - and will continue to do so! Finally, I feel at home with Drupal :)

Free Language's aim is to empower people to be successful learning and teaching languages, for free.
Alpay Beler's picture
Alpay Beler
Tape Interactive22 March 2013

For quite sometime we ware seeking a reliable and affordable drupal hosting solution for our clients. We have now been with Drupion for over a year and we are extremely pleased with the expert support and assistance we get with trickier aspects of drupal hosting involving advanced caching configurations as well as other 'delicate' aspects of drupal.

The staff at Drupion are not only capable of answering setup and configuration related matters but also on various idiosyncrasies of contributed modules.

Furthermore, the response to tickets are almost always swift and with full explanations of the issues and the solution chosen to remedy them. This is very welcome especially if ultimately you prefer to be knowledgable on how to improve your own skills and avoid similar issues coming up in the future.

I cannot recommend Drupion enough for anyone who is looking for a fully fledged expert drupal hosting solution.

Tape is a creative digital agency creating user-oriented online experiences. Founded in 2005, we provide graphic design, web design, interaction design and information architecture development online, as well as branding and print production.
Antonio Falcon's picture
Antonio Falcon
Comprate Auto17 November 2012

I looked at a lot of different hosting companies before making a decision on where to land my Drupal site. Drupion's prices were good and everything was clearly explained in advance. I received great support with every step of the setup process.

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Sean Nalewanyj's picture
Sean Nalewanyj
EliteImpact Labs29 September 2012

I had tried to run my Drupal website on several other servers but was always disappointed with the performance. I switched over to Drupion and my website now runs faster than ever. Their support is always extremely prompt and helpful as well.

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Sande Rawlings's picture
Sande Rawlings
Lifeguard Press10 September 2012

We are very happy with the speed and reliability of our DrupionOS server, and the response time and resolution of tickets is excellent!

Lifeguard Press specializes in licensing and private labeling in the fine stationery and gift industry.
Didier Katumwa Ngituka's picture
Didier Katumwa Ngituka
East African Job Market18 August 2012

I am extremely impressed with Drupion's commitment to customer service. It was not easy to find such an outstanding hosting provider for my Drupal based website. Everything offered and promised was given.

Aside from the obvious technical and quality expertise onsite, what stood out to me most was your customer service-oriented culture and the pride and passion from every staff member I communicated with.
Martino Piccinato's picture
Martino Piccinato
Il Meglio della Granda20 June 2012

We were looking for a Drupal hosting with high performance and some other service like Apache Solr. Drupion was a pleasant surprise. We found an ideal environment for Drupal and the Drupion team is really prepared and experienced. Their support is very prompt and helpful. Drupion hosting is a great place for Drupal sites.

Il Meglio della Granda is an Italian local search company. It provides great visibility and innovative solutions to connect customers to local businesses.
Luka Kaspar's picture
Luka Kaspar
So Bad It's Good16 May 2012

I wanted to provide my visitors with a very fast front end experience so I chose Drupion as they had the best price to performance ratio for a VPS.

Updated software, Drupal specific tweaks and Varnish cache were just some of the many benefits that my website now enjoys.

Migration from a shared hosting environment was painless and the support in general is phenomenal, with fast response time.

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